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What Is The Million Dollar Group Method™?

The Million Dollar Group Method™ is our very system for transforming ordinary groups into simple yet effective client-getting groups…

To do that, we focus on these 3 things:

#1: Growth – While most methods of group growth are slow & unpredictable, we use paid advertising to grow our group quickly with the right people.

Using paid ads, we’re able to grow our group by 100-200 qualified members each day. For every $1 we spend advertising our group, we generate $5 in return.

You can begin using our ad strategy with as little as $5/day, & then begin to scale after your advertising is profitable.

#2: Content: While most group owners post inside their group 1, 2, even as much as 3 times per day, we post in our group just 2-3 times each week (allowing us to spend just 2-hours per week managing the group).

Yet, our group is one the most active & engaged groups in our industry (and one that acquires some of the most clients, too).

Because we use our “Strategic Content Formula” to rapidly build trust & authority with each person who joins our group, handle their objections in advance, & inch them closer to a buying decision with each post we make.

#3: Conversions: While most group owners monetize their groups with sporadic launches & 5-day challenges, we focus on evergreen, daily client acquisition with our group.

We use our “Undercover Conversion Method” to convert new group members into high paying clients in just 21 days or less without being weird or salesy.

Using the methodology outlined above, we’ve acquired more than 500 high ticket clients, & altogether, we now help our clients enroll $5,000 to $25,000+ high-ticket clients daily from their groups..


166 Page Digital Book

Inside The Million Dollar Group Method™, we'll help you grow your group with the right people, provide compelling content, & convert new group members into high-ticket clients quickly.

MDGM™ Audio Book

With the audio version, you can take the book with you on the go. Listen to it in your car, at the gym, or while lounging around the house.

Breakdown Of Our Client-Getting 2-Page Group Funnel

This 2-page funnel is the back-bone of our business, and we want to share it with you today. This is a 60-minute training video breaking the funnel down step-by-step.

Group Launch & Revival Templates

Get a surge of new group members quickly by deploying our copy & paste group launch (or revival) templates.

Group Economics Calculator

Use our Group Economics Calculator to see exactly how many group members you need to generate each day to hit your revenue goals.

Four Client-Getting Group Case Studies

Watch us interview four of our clients who've implemented this method and achieved outstanding results.


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“So, How Do You Grow A Wildly Successful, Client-Getting Group?”

From: Landon Stewart & Chris Stapleton

Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear friend,

Wanna predictably enroll an extra 1-2 high ticket clients each day?

Here’s the secret:

No More Webinar Funnels, Cold DMs, Or 5-Day Challenges... Just A Simple Client-Getting Group.

Here's the short story: We started our group on January 6th of 2020...

At the time of writing these words, that’s just over 15 months ago.

In that time, we’ve grown our group from zero to over 28,000 members…. and it continues to grow by 100-200 new people each day. Plus, it’s one of the most active & engaged groups in our industry. 

Most importantly, it gets clients. Fast.

Within 90 days of launching our group, we were acquiring 8-10 high ticket clients per month.

Fast forward to today & we’ve generated more than 500 high ticket clients using our Facebook™ group.

Here’s what that looks like in terms of revenue:

And the best part?

Our methodology doesn’t require us to host exhausting 5-day challenges each month.

We don’t spend a single second of our day cold DM’ing prospects who don’t want to hear from us anyways. 

And our strategy didn’t require us to set up a complicated 14-page funnel, like this one here: 

(In fact, our entire group funnel is just two pages with less than 200 words combined between the two).

Even managing the group itself takes less than two hours per week on average.

Soon after we discovered how well this process worked inside our own business, we began teaching it to others.

At first, we were nervous to teach it because we didn’t know if it was a fluke or if we had somehow gotten “lucky.”

But surprisingly, our methodology worked just as well, if not even better, for our clients.

Our Clients Enroll $5,000 to $25,000+ High-Ticket Clients From Their Groups And They Don’t Enroll Just A Handful A Month...

...they acquire an extra 10, 20, or even 30 or more high-ticket clients per month from their groups.

Because of our group, our business is both simple and effective.

While our competitors (and maybe even you) struggle to fill your calendar with pre-qualified leads who are ready to spend money on your coaching, courses, or services…

…we’re fully booked with our dream prospects lining up to purchase our best and most expensive offers. 

We turn away roughly 30 percent of qualified prospects because our acceptance standards are so high, thanks to having a full calendar of pre-qualified calls booked.

A simple client-getting group could be the sales and marketing asset you’ve been looking for to book yourself solid, gain consistent results, and scale. 

After 2 years of working in the trenches with our own group & helping our clients grow some of the most valuable groups on the planet…

…we decided to write & release 166 page book, revealing our entire process, called:

The Million Dollar Group Method™

How To Grow Your Business Using

One Simple, Client-Getting Group...

Inside, we’ll share with you exactly what it takes to grow your very own simple yet effective, client-getting group.

If you’re a high ticket coach, consultant, or agency owner … and you’d like to acquire new clients daily … this book is for you.

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…but first, allow us to explain how we discovered this methodology in the first place:
We started our first coaching company in January of 2019.

The coaching part came easy. 

The client acquisition part? Not so much.

We didn’t know how to generate high quality leads on a daily basis.

We didn’t know how to convert the few leads we were getting each day into high paying clients.

We didn’t know how to position ourselves as an authority in our industry.
So, we spent 2019 fumbling around, trying to figure things out, and it was messy.

We launched a myriad of different funnels and marketing campaigns:

Webinar Funnels. Paid Ads. Cold outreach. Etc.

With that barrage of marketing, we had moderate yet unsustainable success.

By December of that year, we were beat.

We were acquiring 3 clients a month, we were working 60 hours+/week, and we were exhausted.

But Then We Had An Aha Moment That Changed Everything...

At the end of 2019, we did a year in review & discovered something shocking…

While we were focusing 80% of our time, effort, & energy on webinars & cold outreach & just 20% of our time on our group…

…the group accounted for upwards of 80% of our new clients generated.

So headed into 2020, we made a decision:

We decided to go all in on groups.

We took everything we learned the year before & in January of 2020, we started a brand new group from scratch called, Clients & Community.

Soon after launching our new group…

…we acquired 10 new high ticket clients in a month.

Then it became 14 new high ticket clients in a month.

Faster than we ever thought possible, we were acquiring 30 high ticket clients a month (that’s one high ticket client a day).

And after nearly calling it quits, we grew our brand new group from zero to over 28,000 active & engaged members … and from acquiring 3 high ticket coaching clients a month to about 40-60 high ticket coaching clients a month (that’s 1-2 high ticket clients a day).

And it’s not just us succeeding with our methodology either…

We have clients winning big with groups in every niche you can imagine…